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About CMP

At CMP Real Estate Group we take a true team approach to our clients real estate needs. In addition to having a minimum of two brokers working on each project, we discuss the project as a group at our weekly meetings. Our brokers work together to create a strategy for each project that will accomplish our client’s goals. We believe that our obligation to service the client can be expedited with the assistance of each broker in the office.

CMP Real Estate Group’s sole responsibility is to be loyal to our clients and dedicated to placing their best interest first. We believe that the client’s involvement in each project is invaluable and that is why we stay in constant communication to give updates on our progress of the task at hand and follow up with any changes in the market that affect the project.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your real estate needs and our strategic approach to successfully maximize the value of your portfolio.

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    6476 Orchard Lake Rd, STE A
    West Bloomfield, MI 48322